School of Design

"Design has a crucial role as a force for change, and change is badly needed right now." 
Richard van der Laken, founder and creative director of What Design Can Do

Emerging from the pandemic, our Design graduates have set out to address some of the most pressing local and global issues, becoming agents of change and designing for transformation.

The diverse range of creative work on display across 8 undergraduate and 2 postgraduate programmes demonstrates the discipline's ability to adapt in times of crisis, to rise above everyday conventions in order to activate, facilitate and demand the social, economic and cultural change we, as a society, want to see. What unites the work is the focus on real world research, development and testing. Our graduates position their work in the world and respond to the challenges of today, for our collective futures tomorrow.

From embracing materiality and physical interactions after a virtual overload, through to designing for the circular economy or exploring the possibilities of design as a form of activism, our graduates are seeking to make meaning with their design work.

I hope you enjoy the show and get a chance to meet our visionary and award-winning graduates whose creative ingenuity and resilience resonates with what the world is calling for now.

Professor Alex Milton 
Head of the School of Design