School of Design

BA Moving Image Design

Lyle Ancajas
Caoimhe Fitzsimons
Declan Flynn
Cillian Green
Alexandra Hreharciuc
Ella King Ludlow
Jodi Mc Carney
Christopher Mullen
Cian Redmond

Stories and how we tell them are at the core of human narrative. We exist in a world where the screen holds powerful cultural capital. Responding to developments in an ever-changing landscape, this programme of study offers a range of approaches at the nexus of traditional communication and the evolving world of digital media. The programme provides a range of exciting and expressive ways to tell a story, communicate an idea or to create an emotive response.

The programme is founded on strong design principles of research, content-generation and development, problem-identification and problem-solving. We value experimentation and thinking over ready-made and easily identifiable solutions, and we encourage processes that will develop our students' individual style and voice.