School of Design

BA Interaction Design

Asia Cheung
Leah Anderson Griffin
Amanda Lucey
Giancarlo Nollora
Enya Schaefer
Kathryn Storan

Many of us live, work, and even play in an increasingly digital world. Interaction Design in NCAD is about shaping these digital experiences to better meet our needs, wants, and desires. From apps and websites to connected products and services, we first consider the human need before crafting the technologies which deliver it. It is about imagining things as they might be, not necessarily as they are. 

The BA Interaction Design programme explores the relationship between people and technology. Projects on display include poetic communication devices for hospitalised children, a service tackling vicarious trauma, and a programme for uncovering our biases. Learning is built around a core belief in human-centered design with students developing the research and innovation skills that will allow them to design meaningful and desirable digital products. Through first hand research, students uncover needs which will be solved by creating engaging experiences for now or in the future.

Students tackle a wide range of projects ranging from design for screen-based interactions for web and apps, to service design, to interactive products, and VR and AR. Through these projects, students develop core skills in user experience design, user interface design, visual communication, web design, service design, physical computing and augmented reality. Our graduates have international impact and enjoy wide ranging recognition and success in the sector and beyond.