The culture associated with tattooing in Dublin and what it represents is the focus of this project. I have produced three outcomes based around this culture. The project consists primarily of photography work arranged and formatted in different ways.

My intention with the ‘Sacred Desecrations' book is to create a larger archival project. It combines black and white photography with a very dark colour palette, in order to play with how people perceive this beautiful art form.

‘Short film’ offers an insight into the life of a tattoo artist and how it is to have tattoos. I want to capture everything about them, not only them creating their beautiful art. I want to truly give a sense of who this person is and offer an insight into their emotions.

‘HANDS’ is a magazine. The tattoos found on hands can really tell you about what type of person they are as they are very visible and can be seen at all times, so they are generally very meaningful to the wearer. For this I didn't want to show anything but the hands as I wanted to let the reader imagine what each person looks like.

Domhnall McCullough

Sacred Desecrations