School of Design

BA Graphic Design

Sophia Breidenbach
Hannah Byrne
Sarah Caulfield
Sean Choy O’Byrne
Genevieve Connolly
Louise Cortez
Aaron Deane
Aisling Duddy
Grace Dunne
Samuel Hannigan
Jonathan Hughes
Eva Kirwan
Carol Lewis
Emily Mc Caul
David Monaghan
Ellen Owens
Eimear O’Keane
Caolan O’Mairtin
Dara Murphy Young

BA in Design with Critical Cultures
Patrick Feeney
Laura Kendrick
James Kennedy
Niamh Kinch
Ava Mc Entee

BA (Joint) Education and Design
Julien Le Bail
Domhnall Mc Cullough

The BA Graphic Design is an ever expanding area, and in its many forms, makes an increasingly powerful contribution to the cultural and economic life of contemporary society. It exists in the public domain, is an indicator of current cultural thinking and is a catalyst for social, cultural, political and economic change.