The yew tree has long held a special place in Irish society, rooted, as it is, in Ireland’s history, folklore and language. This study focuses on the yew tree through 'micro', 'meso' and 'macro' lenses.

The micro view examines the personal relationships people have with the yew tree, focusing on its poisonous and healing qualities. The meso perspective looks at the connection we have to the yew tree in Ireland; its prominence in Irish place names and in graveyards, and its use in making longbows.

The macro view considers the yew tree from a global perspective, showcasing how this fascinating tree plays its role in the overall ecological benefit trees provide to our planet.
My study draws parallels between the physical and digital worlds – mixing digital methods with my passion for papercraft – and further expressing my outcomes with tree-based media in wood and paper. I have created a stop-motion paper animation, a typographic sculpture and three publications.

Hannah Byrne

Connection to Yew