Patient. Female. Age 25. Refer to Dept. of Neurology.
The role of the patient is a vulnerable one. It is easy to become disempowered and kept in the dark. Being an artist is an empowered position where expression and self-advocacy are encouraged. I take my experience as the former and apply it to the latter. I used tools such as digital photography and 3D digital modelling software in the creation of this project. I have found these exciting and engaging ways to make artwork, particularly about the relationship between art and health.
During my time at NCAD, I have exhibited at the World MS Day Exhibition Dublin, the 191st RHA Annual Exhibition Dublin, the Circuit Arts Festival Galway, Pallas Projects/Studios Dublin, the Highlanes Gallery Drogheda at the inaugural open submission/Janet Mullarney Prize, and in the Signal Arts Centre, Bray.

Méabh Hennelly

Secret Central System