Beckett’s existentialist lens casts its influence on my installation and video work. This work explores the flickering essence and the illusory nature of memory.

Memories shift and change as we look back. The past is distorted or embellished depending on how we are feeling in the present. In this exploration of memory, an old TV is used as a frame through which videos and photos from the recent and distant past are rendered more complex and seen in another light.

Silhouettes placed within the old TV set are created from photographs of those involved in participatory land art. Kitsch and organic objects are placed alongside these figures, creating a sense of distortion and imbalance.

The theme of ephemerality is also contained within this perspective and has emerged with the tide’s erosion of the many beach sculptures that were made during the pandemic.

Maureen Mc Cormack

Afaint Afar Away


'Afaint Afar Away'
'Watching Waves on the Telly'